The MOTECH Platform is an open source enterprise software system from the Grameen Foundation dedicated to health system strengthening across the globe. Primarily funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the MOTECH Platform started from the needs of a maternal and child health implementation in Ghana that aimed to improve health across the country. We recognized the need to integrate across the mHealth landscape and expanded the scope of the MOTECH Platform to an enterprise information system that connects many software systems to strengthen the overall health system.

The MOTECH Platform acts as the glue that connects disparate systems to unlock new outcomes in areas such as health worker education, point of care diagnosis, client education and behavior change, maternal health and treatment adherence. The MOTECH Platform connects eHealth systems (e.g. OpenMRS and DHIS2), frontline worker systems (e.g. CommCareHQ) and communication systems (e.g. IVR, SMS and email) to expand the capabilities of each. Our field-tested use cases have been deployed at district scale in Ghana and Zambia as well as numerous states in India.

What can the MOTECH Platform do for you? The answer is really, anything. This is both a blessing and challenge. We developed the MOTECH Platform in a generic way so that others can build on top of the core set of tools and modules that make this integration possible. We’re excited that you’re interested in discovering the capabilities of MOTECH and recognize that there is a significant learning curve when getting started. Please take a look at our documentation and send us a message on our implementer and developer groups for help.


Before you get started, there are two terms that are useful to describe. The MOTECH Platform is the software system that was developed by the Grameen Foundation to achieve the implementations of the MOTECH project. We realized that greater outcomes can be achieved through integration and partnered with other mHealth community members to develop the MOTECH Suite.

We Believe in Integration

We see the world in a unique way. Our mission is to connect the world’s poor to their potential. Access to effective health care is critical to our mission. We built the MOTECH Platform to unlock new solutions by integrating siloed health information systems in order to strengthen health systems within a given geographic area. This integration has allowed projects to provide multiple touch points to patients, caregivers and ministries of health. For example, an implementation in India with support from Johnson & Johnson provides Treatment Advice by Mobile Alerts to HIV+ patients who take medication daily (video). We integrated daily pill reminders and the community health team to increase adherence to treatment as well as attendance at clinical appointments. This is a simple example, but shows how a single implementation is having a positive impact by integrating individuals and their health care community with the help of technology.

About Grameen Foundation

Grameen Foundation helps the world’s poor reach their potential. We provide access to essential financial services and to information on agriculture and health that addresses the specific needs of poor households and communities. We also develop tools to improve the effectiveness of our fellow poverty-focused organizations. Our investments in the MOTECH project aim to strengthen the health system to improve patient care, increase efficiency and make medical information relevant and easily accessible.

Mobile Technology for Community Health