MOTECH & Universal Health Coverage

MOTECH’s Role in Integrated mHealth Strategies for Universal Health Coverage

Mehl and Labrique provide an excellent cascading model to prioritize and operationalize the role of technical solutions to strive toward universal health coverage. Their publication, Prioritizing integrated mHealth strategies for universal health coverage identifies the need to integrate from siloed systems into a unified enterprise-grade mobile health (mHealth) system where mobile devices are one piece of a complex solution that supports the work of the overall health system.

We believe that the MOTECH project plays a key role in this achieving enterprise-grade by robust support of siloed mHealth system. Figure 2 nicely summarizes current mHealth strategies along the determinant layers of UHC. The MOTECH project has delivered field tested solutions along the supply, demand and quality determinant layers of health.


The MOTECH project has had repeated success in improving the availability of human resources. Numerous implementations in Ghana, Zambia and India have provided frontline worker training and management through Interactive Voice Response with the aim to increase the capacity and number of frontline workers in a given geographic area. We are currently working in partnership with the BBC to scale this service across the subcontinent of India.

The MOTECH project recently implemented the OHIE-HWR Care Services Discovery standard to ensure that all systems connected to the MOTECH Platform can enable a health worker to refer a patient to another provider electronically. This improves patient accessibility to health facilities and improves access to care.


Behavior change communication is a core tenant of the MOTECH project and is one of the primary field tested use cases. We have utilized Interactive Voice Response and Simple Messaging Services with the goal of encouraging health-seeking behaviors and generate demand for health services.

Providing continuous coverage is a core tenant of the MOTECH project. Our team has deployed the MOTECH Platform in numerous locations to extend the point of care from a clinic to the field. We invest heavily in the frontline worker as an agent of strength in the health system by supplementing their work with mobile phones. The MOTECH Platform has also been deployed by other organizations who wish to send reminders to patients and frontline workers. In fact, the MOTECH Platform provides all patient reminders in the Open Smart Register Platform.


The MOTECH project’s Mobile Kunji implementation is an example of improving the effectiveness of the health system. This project provides frontline workers with point of care decision support through the integration of voice messages and cards. Additionally the MOTECH project has implemented multiple reminder systems that improve adherence to HIV and TB treatment at sites across the world.

Mobile Technology for Community Health