TAMA, Urban India

The Treatment Advice by Mobile Alerts program in urban India is a partnership between Grameen Foundation and Johnson & Johnson. This project aims to increase the appointment and treatment adherence for patients on anti-retroviral regimens.

IVR calls are made to HIV-positive patients reminding them of appointment and pill times. Patients can report their adherence with pill regimens or indicate they aren’t able to take their medicine. Patients with side effect symptoms can get feedback on what to do about them so they can continue their treatment. Nurses have a web-based tool which allows them to view patient adherence data and input/view patient medical data.

See the TAMA training video to learn more.

Ananya Project, Bihar, India

The Ananya project in India is a constellation of services delivered by implementing partners CARE and BBC Media Action targeted at improving the effectiveness of healthcare workers and patients in Bihar, India. MOTECH Platform and CommCare are used to deliver many of the Ananya services.

Learn more on the Ananya project website.